If you have a guy on your shopping list who is style-challenged, consider enrolling hime in the Trunk Club. The Trunk Club is an innovative new service that pairs professional stylists with over 50 high-end style brands.


If the idea of having an on-call, personal stylist has crossed your mind but you have been worried about the effect on your credit balance, the TrunkClub may be a great choice.

Try everything on for free, pay later

That’s right guys - you don’t pay upfront only to find the size is wrong or the colors aren’t quite right. And the truth is, your stylist will need to get to you know you and your preferences over time, so mistakes early on are inevitable. The good news? You pay only for what you keep - just return the rest in the prepaid return trunk.

Trunk Club is a premium-clothing service with prices similar to top-tier shops. For example, denim prices are $170–$250, casual shirts $100–$200, and sweaters $100–$300.

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