It's A Red Box Night Gift Box

Best Mother’s Day Gift for Moms that Love Watching Movies

Why people love it

  • Makes an incredible gift 
  • Great selection of fresh candy 
  • Totally worth the price 

This themed gift box includes 6 Redbox movie rentals plus plenty of candy. There’s also a tiny director’s cut board. 

The box is hardly as big as you might suspect. 


The movie-loving mom in your life is going to love the freedom to rent whatever movie she wants; too often movies revolve around whatever the kids want to watch. And, there’s enough movie candy in here to last through a few sittings. It may seem a little basic, but it definitely makes for an incredible gift.

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

Already have access to every movie ever made through your streaming TV devices? We totally get it. And that’s why you may want to invest in this Handmade Sofa Tray Table ($48). It converts the wide arms of your couch into a tiny table for coffee mugs and wine glasses. Now she can snuggle up with her favorite films without having to reach for a thing.

And, we’re having a difficult time getting over this Movie Film Reel Wine Rack ($155). If she loves her wine and movies, you can bet that she’s going to love this!

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