It's A 10 Leave-In Conditioner Plus Keratin

Best Leave In Conditioner Overall

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  • Detangles hair perfectly 
  • Makes hair feel soft and silky 
  • Smells fantastic 


This leave in conditioner works across hair types and contains Keratin to keep hair healthy. It detangles, defrizzes, and replaces lost proteins for healthy looking hair.

This is on the pricier side (though far from the most expensive). It also contains alcohol and chloride which irritates some users. 


There’s nothing like the feeling of running your fingers through your hair after leaving the salon, is there? Imagine experiencing that sensation every day after showering. That’s exactly what this leave in conditioner provides. You should expect sleek and smooth hair after applying this product.

The price could be better, but you’re paying for quality. And, it works on just about every single hair type. Those with thin hair, as well as those with thick hair, have reported triumphs. It’s especially useful for people with colored and curly hair. Honestly, we think you’re going to love this.

Hair type? All hair types have reported success with this product, especially those with colored, curly, or thick hair.

Function? You can expect silky, shiny hair when using this leave in conditioner. It protects the natural Keratin in your hair and adds hydration while detangling and defrizzing. It seals cuticles to make hair appear healthier and feel stronger.

Key ingredients? Keratin, which is great.

Scent and consistency? This spray-on conditioner has a creamy texture with a pleasant, subtle scent.

Directions for use? Towel dry clean hair and spray this product around. Comb through and voila.

Will it break the bank? You’ll pay about $13 for 4 ounces. That’s about $3.25 per ounce which is somewhere in the middle of really inexpensive and super pricey.

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