Germaphobes rejoice!  Finally, it's an automatic paper towel dispenser for use at home. Perhaps the most sanitary way to get a paper towel.

  • Touchless, automatic operation
  • Guarantee one hand operation

The World's first and only automatic universal paper towel dispenser works on all perforated paper towel brands, standard full size and new half sheets. Sensor activated control guarantees one hand operation without touching the unused sheets or the dispenser, and the towels don't unravel. It prevents contamination and saves paper.

This smart Towel-Matic can dispense one sheet, two sheets, or the new half page sheet on demand with just the approach of your hand. The dispenser automatically identifies the perforations on the towel every time making tearing towel sheets easy and mess free.

Powered by 4 D size batteries (not included) or optional AC adaptor. Batteries can last up to one year or 200 rolls of standard 80-sheet towels. Designed for table top, wall mount or under cabinet mount. Mounting brackets purchased separately.

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