iStabilizer Monopod
  • Strongest selfie stick on the market
  • Extends to over 3'
  • Compatible with virtually any smartphone

This stick is built out of the same aluminum used to construct airplanes, so you can bet it's as durable and long-lasting as any stick you would find on the market.

Does not extend as far as some of the other products on our list.


Made to hold smartphones up to 3.5" wide, it can accommodate nearly every smartphone around. It's even strong enough to hold a regular camera (not DLSR), and is compatible with GoPro cameras too.

What Reviewers Say:

  • This mount is great in a crowd. You can set the camera or phone to take pictures at different intervals and have a ball.
  • Out of the many products with the same purpose, iStabilizer offers more quality and durability than competitors. The grip is very comfortable. And it also has a very nice design! Simple and modern, yet elegant.



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