When the open plan office came into fashion, it left employees with a few problems - like where to hang your coat and all those small, but convenient stationary holders. Jackets drag on the floor; umbrellas topple into pathways, and everything must tuck into a drawer. Except, now those days are gone with the Island Office by Jordi Blasi.


These perforated steel islands can stand on their own anywhere in an office (or by the front door to your home when you realise the true value of these elements). The perforations allow you to customise your accessories and holders in the way that works best for you. And, you can opt to mount these babies or keep them on wheels for maximum efficiency. Whatever works for you.

Accessories include:

  • a pencil holder
  • a hanger
  • a letter box
  • a shelf
  • a security box
  • a magazine rack
  • a bookcase
  • three different capacity containers

The panel includes a power strip, cables and modules you can configure for HDMI, USB connections and more. The downside? Vilagrasa, the manufacturer, is Europe-based.

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