Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table Overall

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Why people love it
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Great piece of equipment

It’s amazingly sturdy and comfortable with memory foam and lumbar pillow. Set up is easy and there are long handles for inversion control.

This isn’t a light machine and storage may be difficult. Setting different angles may not be as easy as you would like.


Following on from previous Ironman Gravity models, this one is sturdier and far more comfortable. Though it doesn’t fit into the budget range of inversion tables, it’s not on the more expensive side either. And, you will get a lot of value for that money.

Of course, nothing is 100% perfect. The biggest drawback to this machine is the weight. It’s really rather heavy and the non-skid grips can make it difficult to move when packing it away. Plus, you don’t save a huge amount of space when folding it.

However, it’s mostly all positive with this incredible inversion table. Set-up, for example, should take about 60 minutes for 1 person, and it will be a little faster with 2 people (which is certainly recommended when possible).

From a standing position, the table inverts a full 180º and there are 3 adjustments for starting inversion angles with a tether strap for locking inversion angles securely.

To invert, all you need to do is lean back and slowly raise your arms over your head. If you lean back too soon, be sure to adjust the height until you’ve hit the ideal center of gravity. The squeak-less pivot bearings offer a smooth rotation, the vinyl side covers protect your fingers (you’ll need to use your hands as you rotate. And then there's the memory foam padding and removable lumbar pillow for extra comfort.

All in, this is an incredible machine with way more positives than negatives and at a lovely price too.

Durability: It’s made of durable, tubular steel and features a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish. The backrest (which is seriously heavy duty) is covered with resilient nylon. The memory foam padding makes it extra comfortable.

Safety: Safety handles make inversion and controlling the angle wonderfully easy. There are also vinyl side covers to protect your fingers. Plus, there are wonderfully strong, non-skid, rubber floor stabilizers so you can feel secure while inverting.

Ankle comfort and support: There’s a wonderfully long handle on the foot clamp which makes securing your ankles a much more comfortable process. There’s also a palm-activated ratchet ankle-locking system that means there’s almost no discomfort as you can adjust the cushions for ideal tightness.

Height and weight limits: Up to the standard 6’6” in height – and a slightly more than average 350 pounds. (Average is 300 pounds.)

Dimensions: Assembled it measures 49"L x 26"W x 65"H. Folded, it measures 49”L x 65”W x 49”H. It weighs 75 pounds, so you may need help shifting it.

Price: At $200, this is certainly one of the more reasonably priced inversion boards. (The lowest are under $100, and they start to become expensive around $400.) Sadly, the warranty isn’t anything special, you get a 1-year structural frame warranty, plus 90 days on other parts.

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