iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

Best Christmas Gift for Neat Freaks

Why people love it
  • Powerful automatic cleaner
  • Easy robotic navigation
  • Simple maintenance

The biggest complaint about this robotic vacuum is that it has a lifespan of only about 18 months.


Meaningfulness: If your friend MUST have a clean home, this is the perfect gift for them! With a large bin and self-emptying technology, the automatic cleaning Roomba 650 can clean an entire room without interruption. The vacuum employs a three-stage cleaning process: brushes to loosen any materials stuck to the surface, powerful suction to pick up the debris, and a final scan to make sure nothing is left behind. As an added bonus, this machine is so quiet that it can clean while you sleep. 

The little vacuum cleaner runs between 45 to 90 minutes on a charge, so it works best in small to mid-size spaces. However, it requires hardly any maintenance aside from emptying the bin between cleanings.

Originality: Instead of getting on your friend's case for their compulsive cleaning, you can give them a gift that makes their life easier. Definitely a gift worth giving!

Price: Although the $300 price is quite hefty, with extra technology - which allows your friend to schedule cleanings up to 7 times per week - and the ability to automatically dock and recharge, this baby is totally worth the mid-range price point.

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