Iridescent Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Best Gift for a Trendy Girlfriend

Why people love it
  • Shimmery, iridescent stripes
  • Classic design evokes nostalgia
  • Rounded toes provide plenty of wiggle room

Adidas Superstars run big, so order at least half a size smaller than she usually wears.


Details: What’s old is new, and Adidas Superstars have experienced a recent surge in popularity. These are much cooler than the sneakers your gf rocked in middle school, though. They’ve got shiny iridescent stripes instead of bold black stripes, and they boast practical mesh liners that help promote air flow. In other words, her feet won't get all sweaty after a busy day.

If she’s not a fan of shimmery stuff, you can accent her wardrobe with sneakers that have multicolor stripes, rose-gold stripes, or white stripes instead.

Price: Iridescent Adidas Superstars cost as much as $150, but we’re guessing it’s because this style sells out quickly. We searched tons of online and offline retailers before finding a seller that still had some iridescent kicks.

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