iPhone X

Best Luxury Gift for a Teen Girl

Why people love it
  • Sleek, resilient design
  • Water resistant
  • Crisp, clear sounds and graphics

As of November 2017, this is the newest iPhone available - and it lives up to the hype. It delivers vivid graphics, rich audio, and crisp photos.

Numerous reviewers complain about the cost of this high-quality smartphone; you can buy a used car for the same price. However, there are plenty of teens who would choose this dependable phone over a car!


If you can afford it, the iPhone X is the ultimate Christmas gift for a teen girl. She can FaceTime her BFFs, capture memorable moments with the 12-MP camera, and schedule important commitments using the built-in calendar. It’s a cinch to store and share digital documents, whether she wants to swap biology notes with her lab partner or share prom pics with a group of friends.

Worried she’ll break this smartphone? Relax - it’s water resistant and dust resistant, and the screen is covered in resilient glass. It’s powered by A11 Bionic, Apple’s most powerful smart chip, so your teen can expect years of fast, dependable use.

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