Best Portable Alkaline Water Filter

Invigorated Water pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Filter Bottle and Carry Case
  • Offers on-the-go alkalization
  • Includes a convenient carrying case
  • Replaceable filters
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Naturally filters your water with electroplates for a pure taste and healthy composition. Antibacterial balls prevent unwanted organisms from calling your water bottle home.

Each filter only lasts about a month if you drink water regularly.


Design: Sleek and modern, with a curved body that fits comfortably in your hand. It’s made from BPA-free recyclable Tritan plastic. A slim filter snaps easily into place for purification and alkalization when you’re on the go.

This alkaline water bottle comes with a practical carrying case that has room for your smartphone and keys. The one-handed flip-top lid is a nice alternative to squeeze-top lids.

Performance: Effectively filters out heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and copper. We appreciate the antibacterial balls inside because refillable water bottles are known for promoting bacterial growth.

This water bottle doesn’t offer a high pH like countertop and under-the-sink units, but it does transform tap water into alkalized goodness with a pH of up to 9.5.

Special Features: None, but it’s an affordable way to filter water when you’re not at home.

Life Span: Each filter lasts approximately one month if you down 68 ounces per day. That ends up being around 255 cups, 60 liters, or 16 gallons of filtered water per month.

Price: Around $40, plus another $10 each time you replace the filter.


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