Why people love it
  • Versatile choice for maximum comfort
  • Sofa, sleeper, bed, and futon
  • Easy to switch between bed and sofa

Doubles as couch and mattress, versatile, great for sitting and sleeping, comfortable, fits two people, includes two cup holders, waterproof, soft flocked-top surfaces, and extra-wide openings for fast inflation.

Prone to air leakage and may pop beneath heavier users.


Style: This is the perfect sleeper couch, but inflatable! It’s designed to seat two people comfortably, then pulls out into a double air mattress for a good night of rest.

Materials: The nylon used to make this couch is fairly tough and rugged, and the flocked top is soft to the touch and adds an extra bit of warmth for those cold nights in the tent.

Durability: Durability on this sleeper couch is mostly good, though some users have complained that the extra-wide air valves tend to leak. It’s also not up for very heavy users, as excess weight (more than 350 pounds) may cause it to pop.

However, for lighter campers, it’s a great choice that should deliver many happy months of use.

Comfort: The air mattress is super comfortable when laid flat, and you’ll find the couch is very easy to sit on for hours at a time. With the built-in cupholders, you can store your drinks in the armrest while you watch TV or chill.

Price: $63 is a bit steep for just an air mattress, but when you add in the sofa factor, you can see that it’s a great product at a price you’ll love!

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