Intex Floating Recliner

Best Inflatable Pool Chair

Why people love it
  • Suitable for use in and out of the water
  • Very comfortable for lounging or lying
  • Durable, reliable, long-lasting

Lounge-style chair, perfect for pool use, super comfortable, durable materials, looks stylish, you won’t slip off, two handles for maximum stability, dual drink holders, armrest included, waterproof, and resistant to leaking.

Material gets very hot in the sun.


Style: This lounger is an amazing choice if you want to relax in your pool all day long. Thanks to its elevated headrest, dual armrests, and lifted footrest, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the summer sun like a boss!

Materials: The chair is made with the same durable nylon as the rest of Intex’ inflatable chairs, while the dual handles are made of plastic.

Durability: For in-pool use, you’ll find this is one of the longest-lasting inflatable pool chairs around. While it can’t handle more than 300 pounds of weight, it’s durable enough that the average user can enjoy it for many happy summers—simply deflate and store in your closet when not in use.

The chair is also designed for use poolside and at the beach. When inflated, you will be able to sit comfortably, with your butt and back elevated off the ground. Just be wary of sharp rocks and debris—the material isn’t as resistant to punctures as our top-rated chair.

Comfort: This is probably the most comfortable inflatable chair on our list, thanks to the unique curvature of the seat and the elevation of the head and foot rest.

With the two handles, you can keep your balance easily as you move around, and the two drink holders will ensure your beer, soda, or water is always handy. However, be warned: the material can get very hot in the sun!

Price: $20 is a pretty decent price to pay for this chair, which is highly comfortable, offers good durability, and is made for a day of kicking back in or around the pool.

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