Best Luxury Inflatable Couch

Intex Corner Sectional With Cupholders
  • Comfortably seats up to 4 adults
  • Modern design
  • Holds air for a long time
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The flocked-top surface and neutral hue make this sectional a sophisticated alternative to many of the brightly colored, plastic-like styles from other brands. Also features removable cushions for hassle-free cleanup.

Not pet friendly - so watch out for your kitty’s claws! Takes a while to inflate, but that’s not surprising since it’s so big.


Design: Thanks to this sofa’s stylish design and durability, you can get away with keeping it in your living room. This inflatable sectional comes in neutral hues, like grey and tan, that won’t overpower your decor.

Owners love the built-in cupholders on this inflatable sectional, as well as the smooth flocked-top surface and resilient vinyl bottom. The surface is waterproof, so go ahead and give your kids a juice box or three during family movie night.

At 28.8 pounds, this is the heaviest inflatable sofa we’ve evaluated. However, its heavy weight helps it hold up to 4 people weighing a combined total of 600 pounds. And unlike many other air-filled sofas, it doesn’t deflate easily when you sit on it.

Comfort: Sprawl out on the spacious surface of this large inflatable sofa, or stretch out your arms on the armrests. This is one of the most comfortable inflatable sofas we’ve reviewed.

Ease of Use: It takes a bit longer to set up this inflatable sectional than other sofas on our list, but that’s expected. After all, it’s much bigger.

The sectional has a 2-in-1 valve with wide openings. This helps air flow through the chambers easily when you shake the sofa til it’s full.

Price: The suggested price for this Intex sectional falls around $150, but we’ve seen it as low as $90. This is one of the most expensive inflatable couches we’ve seen, but it’s totally worth the price.


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