Why people love it
  • Simple operation
  • Easy clean up
  • Makes cooking (and life) easier

Yep, 7 different ways to cook food with this appliance – and it includes 14 microprocessor controlled programs. Plus there are 10 different safety mechanisms.

A few users report it being a little difficult to figure out the best way to operate this pressure cooker.


We love this electric pressure cooker for so many reasons. It’s a beauty that you can program and operate in loads of different ways. And, it does a lot considering the price you pay for it. The different cooking methods make dinner prep easier than you might imagine and many users believe it is the best investment they’ve ever made.

There is a pressure indicator, but it’s the safety features that make people turn to look twice at this model. Accessories needed for different cooking methods are included in the box. And, you’re not limited to the 6-quart size, smaller and larger models are available.

If you can do without the ability to pasteurize dairy products (because that’s not something everyone does, let’s be honest), you could also consider the 6-in-1 model; it’s often a bit cheaper, though there isn’t a huge difference in the MSRP. (The 6-in-1 model doesn’t have a larger size, however.)

On Prime Day 2016, this was Amazon's second best seller of the day (after the Fire TV Stick) - and you'd better believe this deserves the prime positioning given to it by the Food Network's Healthy Eats guide. Basically, this is one of the absolute best electric pressure cookers at an absolutely stellar price for what you get. Really. It's that good. 

Capacity? This cooker has a 6 quart capacity.

Easy to clean? The inner pot (made from stainless steel) and the lid are dishwasher safe. You’ll need to wipe down the rest. Not too shabby, eh?

Safety Features? There are 10 different safety mechanisms at play in this model. This includes leaky lid and excess pressure detection. You can monitor temperature, and the unit will shut off if safety limits are exceeded. An anti-blockage vent prevents food from blocking the vent. Of course, there is also a safety lid lock amongst the remaining safety features. Basically, this is about as safe as a pressure cooker can be at the moment.

Extra features? The touch screen interface is wonderful to work with and there are high-pressure and low-pressure cooking settings. You also get a handful of additional attachments and accoutrements, including a rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup, steam rack, and condensation collector in the box. That’s in addition to the user manual and a short receipe booklet.

Other cooking methods? In addition to working as pressure cooker, this baby can be a slow cooker, a rice cooker, and a yogurt maker. It’s also good for sautéing, browning, steaming, and warming.

Will it break the bank? You can pay a lot more for a pressure cooker. But you can also pay a little less. At about $130 for a 6-quart model, we think it’s a fair price.

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