InstaNatural Moroccan Rose Water

Best Face Toner for Sensitive Skin

Why people love it
  • You will love the light rose scent
  • Instantly refreshes skin and leaves it feeling soft and dewy
  • Can be used as a makeup setting spray

Doesn't do much for clearing up redness or breakouts.


Effectiveness: Formulated for sensitive skin, this face toner is enriched with rose water. Rose water is one of the best products you can put on your skin. We love how it soothes redness, hydrates, and tightens pores. And, you can use it as a makeup setting spray. 

Ingredients: Just one simple ingredient in this product - Rosa Damascena Flower Water imported from Morocco. You won't find any chemicals, dyes, or irritating perfumes in this face toner, this stuff is the real deal. And, it's bottled right here in the U.S.A. 

Feeling after Use: Since this product is rose water-based and oil-free, the skin is left feeling refreshed after use with no greasy residue. Reviewers love how soft it leaves the skin feeling. Those with sensitive skin will appreciate that this face toner is hypoallergenic and pH balanced, which means it's safe and won't cause any irritations. We recommend using this twice a day - use it to refresh your skin in the a.m and in the p.m.

Price: When on sale, you can grab this face toner for less than $15. We think the price is fairly reasonable for the quality of the ingredients. And, it will last you a few months. 


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