Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Mattress

Best Queen Sized Air Mattress

Why people love it
  • Two built-in pumps: one for fast inflation/deflation and the other for steady air supply/firmness
  • Soft, no-slip touch holds your fitted sheets in place
  • Good comfort and stability; excellent for "bedtime activities"

More likely to spring a leak or pop than many of its competitors. For that reason, this is an air mattress that can only be used indoors, which some users find very inconvenient. 


Performance: If you're the kind of sleeper who needs their mattress to be "just so", this is the queen sized air mattress for you. It comes with three firmness settings, plus a "Never Flat Pump" to keep the mattress filled with air all night long. Once you find the firmness setting that works for you, you can leave it alone and let the pump do its job. Great for those who need stability and comfort.

Take note: This is a bed designed for indoor use only. It won't hold up under heavy use when camping.

The mattress is double-high, which makes it easier to get in and out of bed. Unlike most double-height mattresses, though, you can easily use fitted sheets with this one. The soft-touch, no-slip top has enough friction to hold the fitted sheets in place.

The mattress can handle plenty of "rocking motion" (wink, wink) without breaking. The built-in air coils will keep it stable and provide a solid platform for sleeping…and other activities. However, be warned: too much activity could cause it to spring a leak!

Features: Instead of just one pump, this air mattress has TWO. The primary pump is used to inflate/deflate the mattress (in about 4 minutes). The secondary pump is a "Never Flat Pump", which automatically adds air to the mattress when the internal pressure gets low. It runs silently all night long (requires a power source), so it will keep your bed filled with air WITHOUT waking you up. The built-in sensors will monitor and maintain air pressure.

The mattress comes with not only a carrying bag, but even a repair kit (in case the pump malfunctions or the bed springs a leak).

Price: At $100, this is one of the pricier models on our list. However, it's a proper queen-sized mattress, one built for maximum comfort and easy use, and you can't beat that "Never Flat Pump." While not the most durable or versatile, it's still an excellent choice if you're looking for a back-up mattress for use at home.

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