Why people love it
  • Very sturdy, heavy air mattress
  • Quiet air pump automatically detects when mattress needs inflating
  • Comfortable enough to be used as a regular bed

Because this air mattress is so heavy and large, you won’t be able to take it on trips out of town or while hiking or camping.


Performance: One of the more annoying things about air mattresses is their inherent ability to leak. Although there have been some customer complaints about this air bed leaking, most customers are incredibly satisfied with its performance, thanks in part to the air pump that automatically keeps it filled. People also really love how comfortable this mattress is, so much so, in fact, that they’ve done away with their standard mattress and replaced it with this one.

Features: The Neverflat AC pump is the winning feature of the Insta-bed air mattress. It’s quiet, it’s quick, and it super conveniently keeps your air mattress filled for you.

Price: This is a great price for a mattress that’s sure to impress both you and your guests.

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