Inspirational Pocket Compass

Best High School Graduation Gift for a Son

Why people love it


  • Sentimental without being overly sappy 
  • Inspirational message engraved on the front 
  • Compact size


The company advertises this compass as a novelty gift, but several gift givers happily state that the directions on this affordable compass are actually accurate. The engraved quote is relevant for high school graduates, but it also applies to changes that occur later in life.

One reviewer is frustrated that the words on the compass are too close to each other. That’s one of the only complaints we found about this highly rated compass.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: One scientific study claims that guys are better at finding specific destinations than women. Despite the fact that guys allegedly know how to find locations easily, we know very few dudes who don’t own a compass. Guys generally like practical gifts, and your son will get plenty of use out of his compass during fishing, floating, and/or camping trips with his buddies.  

We chose this compass over competitors because it’s highly rated, plus it’s adorned with an inspirational quote. We dig that it was constructed using 100% renewable energy, and it comes with a soft velveteen pouch for convenient storage. It’s the kind of gift your son can pass to future generations - like his own son - one day. 

Price: After shipping, this pewter compass costs around $25. 



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