Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

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Even though it folds away, you’ll need to lay it on the ground or lean it against a wall. It also doesn’t do a complete 90º angle.


This is a budget inversion table and probably should be judged only against other budget tables. That said, this is really not a bad machine at all. And, there are some improvements from previous models – both on comfort and safety.

But, you shouldn’t expect lengthy lists of features when looking at the price of this machine. There are some drawbacks, though some users are willing to forget them.

For a start, it doesn’t offer a full 90º inversion; you’ll get as far as 80º (and there are also 20º, 40º, and 60º angles you can lock into place). That said, it works with a pin system rather than a strap system. And the padded back and headrest will keep you comfortable while hanging out at these angles. Additionally, there aren’t any ankle locks; you’ll need to hold yourself in place, though the foam and molded cushioning make this as comfortable as possible.

Assembly should take about an hour and the instructions are clear. (Plus, there are pictures to make it even easier.) And it folds away quickly and easily as well. Given that it weighs just 55 pounds, you should be able to pack it away on your own.

Overall, you can expect value for money with this machine, but you should move along if you’re uncomfortable working without ankle locks, need a full 90º, or prefer a range of features.

Durability: The frame is heavy-gauge steel and the padded backrest is longer and wider than average. While there aren’t any frills, it’s still sturdy and durable.

Safety: There’s a 4-position adjustable safety pin to lock you into place; don’t expect any slipping. The U-frame bar design is safer than the 4 points used in previous models. And the safety handles will help you to revert back to the upright position. Keep in mind, however, that there aren’t ankle locks.

Ankle comfort and support: The foam is mixed with ergonomic molded cushioning for as much comfort as you can get while your ankles do a lot of the work.

Height and weight limits: Totally standard capacity of 6’6” and 300 pounds.

Dimensions: Assembled: 46”L x 28”W x65"H. It does pack away, but the dimensions don’t change drastically.

Price: It’s under $100 and you still get a 1-year warranty on the frame. That’s really incredible, isn’t it?

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