Inflatable Sumo Costume (with Fan)

Best Funny Halloween Costume for Adults

Why people love it
  • Fun to wear
  • A hit at parties
  • One size fits most (and does so very well)

Order early; some users have reported receiving the costume damaged. Give yourself time to get it right.


To get your fighter on this Halloween, try this rugged, bad-ass sumo costume! You can bring the fight to your adult Halloween parties, and have all of your friends climb into the inflatable costume to duke it out for dominance. 

Rating out of five:

  • Originality: 4
  • Scare Factor: 1
  • Sexy Factor: 1
  • Identifiable: 5

What’s it made of? This is nylon all the way. Of course, there are some extra bits like fans and batteries. But, at least it's not cheap plastic. 

Will you need extra bits? You could get your hands on a pair of Japanese sandals to make it a little more fantastic, but realistically, you're all set with a single purchase.

Is it hand wash only? Yes, just as you would expect for such a costume. After all, it is made in China. 

Will it break the bank? It's not a bad deal for the $35 you can expect to pay for it. And, it will keep as long as you care for it. If you can get two evenings out of this costume, it really is a steal. 

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