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Infinite Spin Gearhead Fidget Spinner
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Smooth spins
  • Ideal weight
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Numerous fidget collectors gush that this rainbow-hued spinner is their favorite. Money-back guarantee protects you if you decide this fidget spinner isn’t right for you.

A handful of reviewers complain that spin time decreases after frequent use. Lubricating the bearings might help improve this issue.


Design: The Gearhead is the supermodel of the fidget spinner world, and reviewers can’t stop raving about its beauty. It’s colorful, but not to the point where it looks tacky. Sleek black metal curves gracefully around rainbow-hued bearings, providing a smooth yet stable frame for this collectible toy. The vibrant colors blur together as this fidget whirls around a finger or counter, creating a stunning view. 

Materials: This high-quality fidget spinner is made from solid steel that retains its resilience after multiple spinning sessions. Top-notch R188 hybrid bearings make it a cinch to practice tricks or simply spin the gadget to your heart’s content. This spinner rotates quietly, unlike some of the lower-priced models on our list.  

Performance: Both sides of this fidget spinner are spinnable (try quickly saying that three times in a row), which is a feature some cheap spinners lack. Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for tricks, and it can spin for up to 5 minutes. If you notice a decline in performance, contact the company for help. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so they’ll replace your gadget or help you fix the current one.  

Price: You’ll have to part with $40 to $50 if you want your son or daughter to be the coolest kid on the playground. Totally worth every penny, though - and the majority of reviewers agree.


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