InCharacter Baby Boy’s Nerd Costume

Best Budget-Friendly Baby Halloween Costume

Why people love it
  • One-piece costume is easy to put on your baby
  • Typically has a true-to-size fit
  • Lightweight material is comfortable for kiddos

The glasses are cute, but most parents complain they don’t fit very well. However, you can add elastic to the back if you want them to stay on all night.


Design: The parent-friendly design of this snap-bottom nerd suit makes diaper changes and costume removal a cinch. But we’ll be honest with you: This costume isn’t made as well as some of the others on our list, even though it’s just as cute. This is an ideal option for kids who just need a cheap costume for a night or two, not children who plan to play dress up months after Halloween ends.

Accessories: This nerd baby costume includes a bowtie and black glasses. However, most parents ditch the glasses due to issues with the fit - or because their kiddos just hate wearing glasses.

Maintenance: We dig that this nerd costume is machine washable. Be careful, though - wash it on the delicate cycle, and make sure there aren’t any clothes with zippers or velcro that can snag this polyester piece.

Price: Most nerd costumes from this brand are around $18, but we’ve seen them as low as $12. This is the cheapest baby costume on our list of faves.

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