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Best Laptop Backpack

Why people love it
  • Comes with 21 different pockets and sections, all shapes and sizes
  • Excellent for organizing and storing a lot of computer accessories
  • Perfect for travel, the office, school, and home

Good-looking and stylish, excellent storage space, ergonomic comfort, soft back padding, large number of different-sized pockets, intelligent distribution of storage, no dangling straps or drooping pockets, dedicated laptop and tablet compartments

Heavier than expected, bulky, sized for taller people



This 17-liter backpack is slightly larger than your average laptop backpack, which is what makes it such a great choice for hauling around all the accessories, gadgets, and equipment you need to work on the go. It’s sized for taller people (anyone above 5’ 8” will love it), so shorter wearers may find it rides a bit high on the neck and low on the back. It’s large enough to fit a 15” laptop and any iPad or tablet you want to store.


Made with durable nylon, the build quality looks as good as it feels. It’s solid, reliable, well-built, with a design that is at once ergonomic (shoulder straps and back padding for comfortable carrying) and spacious. You’ll find that all of the internal compartments are made with fabric that will last for many years of heavy carrying.

Extra Features:

This backpack really shines in terms of storage space and organization. You get 21 different internal compartments, pockets, and spaces, with some fur-lined pockets for your tablet and smartphone and a padded pocket for your laptop. It’s great for organizing all of your cables, cords, cameras, hard drives, and other gadgets in the many handy little pockets and spaces. Plus, you can carry pens, a water bottle, even extra changes of clothing in the highly spacious backpack.


$100 is an absolutely wonderful price to pay for this backpack! Not only will it give you everything you need for comfortable travel and work, but it’s durable, comfortable, and built for maximum convenience.

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