Why people love it
  • The super strong hold is incredible!
  • A totally pleasant aroma
  • Washes quickly and easily

Do be aware that you'll need to wash out Imperial Baber's Classic Pomade daily to avoid a residue buildup. And, if you use it when your hair is on the shorter side, you may find it leaves your hair a little oily.


This product locks in a hard style for most hair types, though it's best for longer hair. With this product, Imperial has created a gel-pomade hybrid which works to create a look that stays put all day. And, this product comes highly recommended by West Coast Shaving, even though they're ready to put it in the gel category. 

Not only does this hybrid work on difficult hair, but patting it down with a little extra water in the middle of the day will re-activate the holding powers of this product. Plus, it doesn't leave hair looking or feeling brittle. It's also one of those tempting, no-flake products.

Base: Water

Notable ingredients: This cruelty-free pomade is also free of sulfates and lanolin. Now, it does have parabens, but the castor oil is wonderfully conditioning.

Hold and control: This is one of the strongest holds of any of the pomades on the market. It’s more like a gel, without the crunchiness, making it perfect for guys with longer hair that want help keeping it in place.

Shine level: It’s leaves a lower, semi-shine finish on hair.

Texture and fragrance: It feels a lot like a gel, but sort of foamy at the same time. Now, it does smell like watermelon, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the aroma is pleasant enough.

Application: Though it takes some time, you should expect a smooth, even application. Add water to the mix for a lighter hold or to reactivate it for reshaping during the day.

Washability: Effortless. What more could you want (especially with longer hair)?

Sizes and pricing: How much do you want to pay for this? Okay, it’s not that simple. The MSRP is $22, but you’ll find the 6-ounce container on Amazon (Prime) for somewhere between $13 and $15. It could work out as low as $2 per ounce, however, if you find it at the right price and add it to your Subscribe & Save list. Nice, right?

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