Immaculate Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough

Best Refrigerated Gluten-Free Cookies

Why people love it
  • They don’t taste gluten free
  • Quick baking time
  • Dairy free

Short shelf life means that you need to eat these cookies quickly (not that we mind!).


Taste: If brownies and sugar cookies had a baby, it would 100% without a doubt be these gluten-free cookies. Each bite is packed with rich, fudgy yumminess, and we often forget we’re eating gluten-free, dairy-free cookies.

Texture: Immaculate fudge brownie cookies are soft and chewy, especially when you eat them while they’re still warm. They don’t have that gritty, grainy mouthfeel associated with other gluten-free cookie brands (FYI, we didn’t list any of those brands on our collection of faves).

Ingredients: Palm fruit and canola oils help give these fudgy cookies their smooth texture. They don’t contain dairy, which is surprising because they taste so chocolatey. Tapioca starch, a fluffy white powder commonly used in gluten-free goods, is one of the main ingredients.

Price: Before you panic about paying approximately $35 for refrigerated cookie dough, keep in mind that this price covers a 6-pack of dough. That’s around $5.86 per package, and each package makes 12 jumbo cookies.

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