Why people love it
  • Best dog collar for nighttime, hiking, camping, and hunting
  • High-quality and super bright LED
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Some people said the battery died after a few days to a few months of use. However, there is a lifetime guarantee on this, so you can get it replaced if you run into any issues.


Style: This is a dog collar that actually lights up. You can choose from a number of settings too, so if you prefer a steady stream of light, a slow flash, or quick pulse, you can use this collar to improve visibility of your dog when he or she is outside.

Comfort: A few customers said they liked how the rubber of the collar doesn’t catch on the dogs fur. It’s also pretty lightweight, so most of them don’t even notice it’s there. 

Security: If you’re tired of an attachable light bouncing around as you try to keep tabs on your dog in the dark, this LED dog collar will provide you with much better visibility of their whereabouts. And because it’s an actual collar, it will stay put as opposed to an attachment that could otherwise be pulled or chewed off.

Price: Well, considering this is much cheaper than some tactical LED flashlights you might be carrying around on you—and there’s a lifetime guarantee—we'd consider the cost of this one negligible.

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