iKingsky 3-Pack Men's Sexy Hot Lips Underwear

Best Valentine's Gift for Romance

Why people love it
  • Makes men feel naughty and sexy
  • Beautifully comfortable, super soft material
  • Lingerie for men—YES PLEASE!

Not for wear around the house—you do not want to sweat in these bad boys!


Details: This is a gift that's both for you and for him. It will not only make him feel sexy (who doesn't feel amazing when wearing lingerie), but it will also showcase all his favorite parts for your viewing pleasure. The colors (black, white, and red) are definitely going to add to the romantic mood.

The boxers are supremely comfortable, though not practical for use around the house. They're his "sexy time underwear" that he can wear when you're slipping into your favorite negligee or camisole.

Price: At $14 for a three-pack, this is a total steal. He gets a few pairs of underwear that make him feel sexy, and you get to enjoy the view. It's definitely a win-win for everyone.

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