Ikee Design Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes

Best Overall Acrylic Makeup Organizer

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  • Perfect organizer for the price
  • Fits just right on bathroom countertops
  • You can completely customize this organizer

A stackable, customizable acrylic organizer that fits any type of makeup or beauty product.

The drawers on this organizer aren't as deep as expected. 


What's it for? The Ikee Design Acryclic Cosmetic Storage Display is essentially for storing any product in your bathroom. The drawers below are perfect for palettes while the compartments on top are ideal for brushes and lipstick. 

Dimensions: This organizer is as big or small as you want it to be. Since it's completely customizable, you get to choose the size. Pretty cool, right? The most popular organizer (1 top and 7 drawers) measures at 9.4 inches long, 5.4 inches wide, and 14.4 inches high. Of course, if you add more drawers, this organizer will stay the same in length and width but the height will increase. 

Details: The heavy duty, crystal-clear, acrylic on this organizer is thicker and more durable that most acrylic organizers. What sets this stackable product apart from the rest is that it's customizable. This means you can choose the smallest option (1 top and 3 drawers) or you can choose the largest option (1 top and 7 drawers) and add as many more drawers to it as you want. The top features tiered compartments with lipstick cubes on one side and three larger compartments on the other. To make things even more confusing, you have the option of two separate drawer add ons. The three drawer option features three 9.4 inch long drawers while the four drawer option features two smaller drawers on top and two larger 9.4 inch long drawers on bottom. As a bonus, inside each drawer is a removable black mesh padding for added cushion. Now, all of your makeup can rest in comfort and style. Did we mention this organizer is also easy to clean? The drawers are completely removable and slide out smoothly. All you need is a mild soap and warm water to clean them. 

Price: The price of this unique organizer really depends on the options you choose. If you're just looking for something small, the 1 top and 4 drawers option is only $12.99. However, if you want the larger option with 1 top and 7 drawers, it will cost $24.99. Then, to add additional drawers, the price is $14 for each set of 4. Still, with the largest option, this organizer is one of the cheapest around.

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