The Ikasu Knife Block Set features all the knives that are crucial for a home kitchen and is housed in an an elegant knife block. 

  • Seamless designs
  • Dimple-pattern grips
  • Superior balance and control.

The hallmark of Global's knives are their handles. Seamless designs and dimple-pattern grips make these knives virtually unbreakable, provide a comfortable and secure grip in any hand, and are completely hygienic. 

Global uses a CroMoVa 18 stainless steel that is tempered twice for superior blades with sharp and resilient edges. Lightweight construction and perfectly weighted handles ensures superior balance and control.

Set Contains:

3-inch Paring Knife
4.5-inch Utility Knife
5-inch Chef's Utility Knife
5.5-inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife
8-inch Chef's Knife
8.5-inch Bread Knife
6-slot Bamboo & Clear Acrylic Knife Block

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