Igloo Erase Board Refrigerator with Neon Markers

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Girl Headed to College

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  • Perfect gift
  • Awesome fridge
  • Great for a small room

This 3.2 cubic foot fridge with freezer has a dry erase board front for grocery lists, messages, or just for doodling.

It’s not the quietest fridge out there. If it makes a loud noise, you may want to check that the tray is affixed after shipping.


What’s not to love about this dorm-sized fridge? It’s just what’s needed for emergency snacks and a steady supply of water, juice, and soft drinks. The front of this fridge is a dry erase board which makes it easy for roommates to leave messages and to keep a running shopping list. It’s 3.2 cubic feet of space on the inside and there is a small freezer with ice cube tray.

Of course, not everyone needs – or can have – a fridge for the dorm. You could also consider this handy little breakfast maker with coffee pot, mini toaster oven, and tiny skillet. It’s a real life saver on days when the cafeteria breakfast times and early morning classes don’t match up. And, you could always toss in this inspirational book: Goodnight Dorm Room. It’s filled with advice for those away at college.

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