Ideology Rapidry Bootcut Yoga Pants

Best Yoga Pants Overall

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  • Extremely flattering
  • Perfect amount of support
  • Great value

These may not fit true to size (which Macy’s clearly states in the product description), so you may want to try these on in person if you’ve got a Macy’s store nearby.


Quality: Aside from some complaints about sizing, these yoga pants are very well-constructed. They strike the perfect balance between comfort, support, stretch, and breathability—everything a woman could want while she’s working out. 

Style: These bootcut yoga pants are great for when you’re doing yoga as well as when you aren’t. So long as firm, supportive, and comfortably soft pants are what you’re looking for, you will not be disappointed by these yoga pants. 

Price: Considering these are only sold by Macy’s, the price of these pants is fantastic.

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