Ibagbar Men's Vintage Canvas Shoulder Everyday Bag

Best Messenger Bag for Every Day Use

Why people love it
  • Holds an amazing amount of stuff (given the size)
  • Handy for traveling
  • Functional for day-to-day use

This is a remarkably durable shoulder bag, even though it’s on the small side. The front flap closes with velcro, and there are plenty of pockets for keeping everything organized. And, there’s a one-year warranty on it too.

This bag is a little smaller than the images on Amazon would have you believe. If you have an iPad you intend to fit in this bag, make sure you check the measurements of the bag before purchasing.


Not everyone needs a lot of stuff. If you're one of these guys, this might be the perfect bag for you. It's definitely compact but just large enough to still be manly. With the rave reviews this bag has been getting on Amazon, it's sure to be a hit with you too. This compact messenger bag is stylish... and doesn't have many negative Amazon reviews. Given the size of the bag itself, the main pocket is remarkably spacious. You can fit a lot more in than you think when you receive it. You do, however, need to pay attention to the size specs if plan to tote your tablets around with you. Good news, though, it's available in brown, black, and khaki. 

What’s it made of? The body of the bag is made from high-density cotton canvas. The zips and accents are PU leather. But don’t let that get you down; this is a very sturdy bag.

Can you close it fully? The front flap closes with velcro, but everything else is zip, zip, zip. And, we rather love the flexibility of the flap.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? Be careful here. This will fit a 10” tablet rather perfectly, but it will not do anything larger. That said, there are nine pockets in total. That includes seven zipped pockets and two external side pockets without zippers. There are also card and pen slots, plus a ring you can clip your keys too. See, it’s all about staying organized.

Can you wash it? This is a hand wash only bag and you’ll need to avoid using hot water. Once clean, hang it to dry indoors as sun exposure will fade the canvas. Actually, the manufacturer has a lot to say about cleaning, so you may want to check that out before giving it a go.

Will it break the bank? Nope. Not even close. The MSRP is $30, but you can score it for less. That’s not bad considering it lasts for such a long time.

What Reviewers Say: Most reviewers give this 5 stars and there aren't many reviews that rate this item with less than 4 stars. Here's what users have to say about it:

  • I love this bag! It was exactly what I expected, although it was a pleasant surprise to see how spacious the main pocket was. I was very impressed by that.
  • This was the perfect gift for any guy, he'll be thrilled with it. Besides that, he can fit all kinds of other things in it too. It's a very masculine looking bag and any guy would be very comfortable using it.
  • Very nice looking and well-designed bag. Exactly what I was looking for.
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