“I Totally Got This” Inner Truth Journal

Best Gift for a Teen Girl Who Likes to Express Herself

Why people love it
  • User-friendly layout
  • Fun quotes throughout the pages
  • Encourages confidence and positivity

Motivational messages throughout the book help your teen embrace a positive mindset and know her worth. Vibrant colors and engaging content keep teens interested.

Geared more toward adults, but still suitable for older teens.


Sometimes teens need someone to remind them that they can handle what’s going on - even if that voice of reassurance comes from within. “I Totally Got This” is an easy-to-use journal that helps your teen tackle goals of any size, whether she wants to ace an algebra test or work up the courage to ask her crush for his digits.

A soft ribbon marker keeps her spot without damaging the 160 pages of this unique journal. There are 70 inspirational quotes in the book, reminding your teen that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to do.

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