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Why people love it
  • Great for casual, recreational, and professional swimmers
  • High-performance goggles built to last
  • Very comfortable and versatile; ergonomic, with a tight seal

Narrowed forward vision and prone to fogging when swimming outdoors.


Performance: These are a pair of swimming goggles you can use for anything: swimming laps in the pool, water aerobics, playing in a lake, or enjoying ocean life. You'll find their sleek design makes them beautifully sporty, and they are able to handle a good deal of wear and tear.

The lenses are built of a shatter-resistant material that makes them very durable, and they come with an anti-fog coating that protects them. Sadly, they are still prone to fogging up when you use them outdoors. However, the lenses offer UV protection for your eyes, as well as leak-resistant eyecups with a soft silicone ring that won't hurt your face even after hours of use.

Features: The goggles are designed to be fully adjustable, with straps that can be easily tightened and loosened mid-swim. There's even a quick release clasp that will allow you to remove them in a second if necessary.

The lenses offer a full 180-degree field of view, though some users have complained that it narrows your forward vision. The flexible nose piece makes it easy to find the right position for the goggles. As a bonus, the goggles also come with ear plugs, a nose clip, and a protective case.

Price: At $13, these are a pair of goggles definitely worth the price. They deliver durability and versatility at a price point everyone loves.

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