"I Love You" Nano Necklace

Best Gift for the Girlfriend Who Likes Unique Jewelry

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  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Fine details
  • Heartfelt gift well-received by significant others

Some wearers complain that they can’t view the 120 inscriptions, even with a magnifying glass. A helpful reviewer explains that she had the same issue until she learned to hold the magnifying glass correctly, so experiment with different angles if you or your honey can’t see the words.


Details: Want to make sure she knows how much you care? Say “I love you” in 120 different languages with this unique necklace. We saw a similar style on Heavy.com and knew right away that this unique necklace was a must-have gift for any girlfriend who is bored with traditional bangles and heart-shaped pendants.

The teeny-tiny text is hard to view with the naked eye, which is why the necklace comes with a magnifying glass. Personally, we’re happy that it’s hard to see the 120 “I love you” messages from a distance. That way, we don’t feel like one of those “Look at me, my relationship is perfect” people who flaunts their love when we don this high-quality piece.

Price: Expect to spend between $129 and $289 for this nano necklace. The price varies depending on which metal you choose.

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