I Love You Inscribed Necklace

Best Romantic Gift for Her

Why people love it
  • Great gift for a loved one
  • Expect her to fall in love with it
  • Beautiful necklace

There are some that don’t believe it’s worth the money.


Why she’ll love it: How touching is this? It’s a little like saying “I love you to the moon and back” – only more grown-up. I love you is written in 120 languages on this necklace in tiny letters. She’ll need the included magnifying glass to read it, but she’ll definitely be able to feel it and believe it when she opens this beautifully-packaged keepsake necklace. It may be tiny, but it will mean a lot.

Price: The price you pay depends on the material you choose. The MSRP of the 24-carat gold option is $360, but you’ll pay closer to $290. The sterling silver and gold-plated options are less than $200. It’s a little on the high end, but still reasonable for what you’re getting.

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