"I Love You From Top to Bottom" Toilet Paper

Best Silly Gift for a Girlfriend

Why people love it
  • Adorable design
  • Makes girlfriends giggle
  • You can actually wipe with it - it’s not just for decoration!

Features a heartfelt message printed in vibrant ink on every sheet. Lets you surprise your significant other in a loving, lighthearted way.

The paper is thin and flimsy, but we’re okay with that since it’s meant to be a gag gift.


Details: Look, we know it’s not sexy or fun to think about, but everybody poops. Yes, even your girlfriend. Make her time in the bathroom more enjoyable with this silly toilet paper that reminds her that you love her from top to bottom.

It’s only one-ply TP, but she can actually use it. Well, if she can stop laughing long enough to wipe. This is the kind of Valentine’s Day gift that is going to end up featured on your gf’s Facebook and Snapchat, so don’t be surprised when other folks want to know where to find some.

Price: At $15.62 per roll, this is probably the priciest toilet paper you’ll ever buy. But it’s also the cutest and not a bad price for a Valentine's Day gift that will make your sweetie smile.

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