Best Travel Gift for Apple People on the Go

Why people love it
  • Works wonderfully well
  • Definitely worth the price
  • Delivers a 12-hour charge

Has two USB ports to charge multiple devices at the fastest speed. Prevents short-circuiting and doesn’t clash with your Apple devices.

Battery doesn’t last as long as you might like.


HyperJuice battery is an external battery for MacBooks and USB Devices. And, it's just perfect for the man that travels constantly. It has two high power 12W (5V/2.4A max) USB ports to quickly charge 2 iPads or any USB device quickly. You don't have to worry about over-charging since it comes with a built-in short circuit and temperature protection to make sure nothing goes wrong while charging.

Please keep in mind that it’s really not recommended for MacBook Pros. And, if your traveler carries a lot of wires, you could also consider this organizer. Of course, there is this super handy Apple watch portable charging stand and charger for the Mac man on the move.

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