Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

Best Christmas Gift for Pet Owners

Why people love it
  • Make playtime with pets a whole lot more fun for him
  • Perfect for owners of active dogs
  • Keep dogs (and owners) entertained for hours

Give the dogs a real challenge, excellent range, requires no assembly, compatible with any tennis or dog ball, and doesn't wear out your throwing arm.

Rubber tubing occasionally defective, snaps easily.


The Details: If he's got an active dog at home, this is the gift he can't help but love. The ball launcher is essentially a slingshot that will allow him to hurl balls up to 220 feet—perfect for dogs who need to run a lot. It will save him from having to throw the balls for hours, and it will be a whole lot of fun for him as well. The launcher is made from epoxy-coated metal that is resistant to water damage, though some people find the handle too large to grip comfortably. This is the perfect gift to turn a walk in the park into endless amounts of fun for both man and dog.

Price: This is a beautifully inexpensive gift at $31, making it an awesome present for someone who loves their pet. It's guaranteed to deliver results and make pet play time much more enjoyable.

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