Why people love it
  • Makes it easy to choose the EXACTLY shower setting and water flow you want
  • Incredibly simple to install
  • Looks like a high-end fixture, but at an affordable price

Lacks pressure when on dual shower setting.


Features: If you want options for the perfect shower, this is the shower head for you! With 24 unique water flow patterns (thanks to the dual shower heads), it's easy to set the water flow to power massage, warm mist, rain, water-saving, or even pause the shower. With the 4-inch wide shower head, you get a broader stream of water for a more thorough shower.

With the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome you get both a fixed shower head and a handheld, with a 5-foot long hose that's more than long enough to wash your body thoroughly. The overhead bracket is easily adjustable to suit your height and position, and you'll love the 3-way water diverter which makes it easy to switch between shower heads and dual shower mode.

The installation is a breeze, and it can be secured to your shower in a matter of minutes. The shower head is NOT built of metal, but only has a chrome finish. However, you'll find that its hard plastic is incredibly durable and built to last. With a 10-year warranty, you know the company believes in the quality of its product.

Note: Some users have complained that the water pressure of this shower head isn't up to par, but that's a simple matter to remedy: remove the flow control (between pipe and wall) and water will come out beautifully.

Price: At $24, this is a slightly pricier shower head than you're no doubt used to buying. However, if you want luxury, quality, and versatility, it's a shower head definitely worth considering!

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