Why people love it
  • Great insulation and heat retention
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Solid warranty accompanied by excellent customer service

The biggest complaint about this water bottle is that it's a bit too heavy duty for everyday use. But if that's a concern for you, we recommend the 12-ounce bottle which can be easily stored in a satchel or purse. Also, the colors are apparently a bit brighter in the Amazon photos than in person. But we trust that you can get over that.


Features: Can we first just say, this water bottle's double wall vacuum insulated core is guaranteed to keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot - All. Day. Long. Though several lists we reviewed did not include this product based on the fact that the opening was not large enough to fit ice cubes, we thoroughly tested this bad boy and any standard ice-maker cube should fit no problem. And although the bottle comes with a screw cap, you can order a sport cap or straw lid for an additional $10 if you don't want to deal with screwing the lid on and off over and over again. Seriously, this water bottle has a little something for everyone.

Durability: Created using 18/8 food grade stainless steel, this water bottle will hold up through a lot. In fact, some reviewers complain that it's actually too heavy duty. But like we said, if that's a concern for you, we highly recommend opting for the 12-ounce size bottle.

Color: Hydro Flask offers a variety of color choices in a durable, attractive powder coat finish, including: blue, green, black, white. purple, pink, orange, red, and classic stainless steel. Do be aware that some reviewers report that the color of the bottles in the Amazon photos don't quite live up to real life expectations. But, the majority of reviewers rave about the color choices, so we trust that you'll be thoroughly satisfied.

Size: This water bottle is available in 12, 18, 21, and 24-ounce sizes. The company advertises that the 12-ounce bottle is perfect for throwing in a purse or back pack, the 18 and 21-ounce bottles are great for taking to the gym or a workout class, and the 24-ounce bottle is ideal for long hikes or outdoor activities. Additionally, we have to tell you, we had a really hard time choosing between the Hydro Flask original and Hydro Flask wide mouth as our number one pick. While the wide mouth is also great, the quality is a bit below several of the other wide mouth bottles on the market. For that reason, we left it off our list. But, if you're looking for something that provides both insulation and heat retention and feautres a wide mouth, we highly suggest the wide mouth Hydro Flask. It comes in a size 18, 32, 40, or 64-ounces.

Price: Depending on what size and color you select, the Hydro Flask water bottle will cost you anywhere from $24.99 to $29.99 for the standard mouth bottle or $29.99 to $59.95 for a wide mouth bottle. Totally reasonable if you ask us, especially since this bottle comes with a lifetime warranty. As an added bonus, 5% of your purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice. And that feels good too, right?

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