Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Why people love it
  • Large, yet easy to hold
  • Does not sweat
  • Super awesome design

Very few users have anything negative to say about this bottle. While some report issues with leakage, if you do experience a quality control issue the customer service is unbelievable. So we really don't think you can go wrong with this product.


Features: The list of features for this bottle is seriously endless. First and foremost, the full length infuser basket spans the entire length of the 1-liter bottle, allowing you to enjoy flavor until the very last drop. Additionally, the no sweat carry bag allows you to completely eliminate the issue of sweat and condensation experienced with most water bottles. The metal ring latch on the flip top ensures the bottle is securely sealed and 100% leakproof so you can confidently throw it in a backpack or purse, while the easy to clean design allows you to clean your bottle in as little as 1 minute. The special fitted grips on both sides of the bottle make for comfortable and secure carrying, and the flip top lid allows you to open the bottle quickly and easily. Phew! That's a lot of features!

Durability: Built with sturdy, non-toxic, premium BPA free eco-friendly Eastman Tritan, your bottle can be used and reused safely for an extended period of time.

Color: Comes in 8 fabulous different colors! They're all great, but Aqua Green is for sure our favorite.

Size: This bottle holds a full liter, 32 ounces, of water. Although it does not come in any other sizes, the liter size is more than large enough for everyday drinking and will still fit in most cup holders.

Price: The Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is priced at just under $15. While it's not the cheapest bottle on our list, the features and quality make this bottle well worth the investment. Plus, with the lifetime satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that if, for whatever reason, you are not absolutely 100% thrilled by your infuser, Hydracy will replace it for free. No questions asked.

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