Best Christmas Gift for TV Addicts

Netflix $30 Gift Card
  • Great for watching all their favorite TV shows and movies
  • Excellent value, far cheaper than cable TV
  • User-friendly interface for streaming and DVR
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Quality movies and TV streamed straight to their computer, broadest selection available, great for mobile devices, HD quality content, commercial-free options, and user-friendly interface.

Pricier than Hulu and other streaming services.


Why They'll Love It: For TV and movie lovers, Netflix is the perfect gift! It allows users to stream their favorite shows on a TV, phone, tablet, or PC. Shows are constantly updated as they come out, allowing users to watch the latest episodes from the comfort of their bed or on the go. Not only are the latest shows and movies available, but Netflix makes an effort to feature classic TV shows that may be hard to find elsewhere. It's easy to use, offers a broad array of quality content, and will allow your in-laws to DVR all the TV shows and movies they want.

Price: This $30 gift card will cover three months of subscription for your in-laws, allowing them to get a taste of what Netflix has to offer. If you really want to go big, buy a few of them for a full year of Netflix subscriptions!


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