Best Dating App for Just Hanging Out

Why people love it
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Works just like Bumble (with the swiping)
  • Best app if you’re not sure if you want to just be friends or date

Probably not the best app if you’re looking for hookups.


Quality: Because this dating app relies on your favorite places to visit and puts less pressure on the just-sex or long-term relationship aspect of dating, you can focus more on making solid connections with other users…and then seeing where it goes.

Ease of Use: Well, there are two reasons why this is so easy to use. To start, it works similarly to Bumble so users from that app can easily cross over to Huggle. Secondly, the UI is super simple to use. There’ll be a minimal learning curve, if any.

Price: Huggle is absolutely free.

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