Why people love it
  • Fast, nimble, and agile
  • Easy to control
  • Great value

While this is easy to control, it does take some practice in learning how to use and calibrate it. Be patient if you’re new to drones and give this one a try.


Performance: If you’re looking for something speedy and fun to play with, then this will satisfy your performance requirements. However, if you’re looking for a little something extra (like intuitive controls, safety features, spare parts, etc.), this may not be the right drone for you.

Operation: Some customers have found this one to be easy to control, while others say it takes time trying to figure out how to balance and calibrate in order to get it to fly smoothly. If you don’t have the patience to play around with this, then you may want to pass.

Features: This drone is pretty light on features.

Price: If you think you’ll need collision-protective parts, factor that into the total cost.

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