Why people love it
  • Guard covers for extra protection and durability
  • Stable drone that’s easy to fly
  • Ready out of the box

This is definitely a beginner-friendly drone, not just because it’s easy to get the hang of, but also because of its durability. So if you’re nervous about crashing your drone and losing money (and time in repairs) on your investment, check out the Hubsan X4.

The one major drawback to this drone is that you’ve got to purchase additional stuff in order to maximize your use of this drone. (For example, this doesn’t come with an SD card, so you won’t be able to capture and save pictures without anteing up more money.)


Performance: In terms of performance, you really can’t go wrong with a drone that’s built to take a beating—especially if you’re new to drones. While this is a little bit trickier to fly with the camera on top, it’s a quick learn and performs reliably well.

Operation: MyFirstDrone calls this their favorite beginner’s drone (with a camera) because of how easy it is to control from the get-go.

Features: Aside from the camera and the guard protectors, there isn’t much else you get with this drone.

Price: If you’re planning on purchasing additional parts and accessories, factor that into your decision-making since it makes this a little more expensive than it seems at first glance.

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