HTC VIVE - Virtual Reality System

Best Gift for Gamer Friends

Why people love it
  • Immersive and realistic gaming experience
  • Intuitive controls
  • Free games included

One of the biggest drawbacks to this VR system is that it requires the use of a powerful computer in order to use it (unlike other products that work with your smartphone).


Meaningfulness: Virtual reality may be the next level of gaming, but it’s also a pretty expensive investment to make for something that’s not totally perfected just yet. That being said, if you have the funds to buy this for your gamer friend, they’re sure to love this immersive and unique experience.

Originality: Virtual reality headsets show up on most Christmas tech gift lists, though it’s usually the cheaper, smartphone-compatible headsets that make it to those lists. So while the idea of VR isn’t original, this system will stand apart from the rest.

Price: This virtual reality system comes with everything you need—headset, two wireless controls, and free games—so it’s a fairly good value for everything you get. Many customers will tell you to purchase this straight from the manufacturer though since it’s cheaper there than on Amazon.

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