HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Best High End Virtual Reality Headset

Why people love it
  • Top-notch virtual reality experience
  • Full immersion and excellent motion controls make gaming easier
  • In-helmet camera will keep you from bumping into objects as you move around

Designed by Valve, compatible with Steam games, top-notch virtual reality experience, and excellent controls.

Most expensive device on the market.



If you've got a high-end gaming PC and want a VR kit to match, the Vive is the device for you! Created by Valve, it's designed to be used with a wide range of Steam games. The unit's motion controls are compatible with the most popular games, and you'll find that the gaming experience is as immersive as it gets. If your PC has the right capacities (read the requirements here), you'll find that it's an amazing way to bring your video games to life.

The headset has two 1200 x 1080 screens (1080p resolution), giving you the highest-quality image for top-notch virtual reality. Two sensors hang on the wall to track your movements, allowing you total control over your games. When you reach the edge of your "reality cage" (the limits of the sensors), the headset alerts you to help you avoid bumping into anything.


The unit requires a few cables to connect to your PC, limiting your movement. However, the two motion controllers and the light-emitting boxes help you to turn your living room into a fully-immersive gaming environment. There are even built-in earbuds!

The Vive can feel a bit clunky and heavy, but it fits fairly comfortably. It fits over glasses, though prepare for some lens fogging. Despite a few software bugs, it is lag-free, seamlessly integrated into Steam games, and offers a vivid VR experience.


At $800, this is the most expensive on our list. However, it's considered by many to be the "best overall VR experience", making it worth the high price!

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