Best Valentine's Gift for Beer Drinkers

HQY Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener
  • Beautifully easy to use
  • Great for impressing friends at a party/SuperBowl Sunday
  • The man-gift trifecta: affordable, durable, and functional

Open any bottle of beer (twist-top or regular), leaving no mess or stray bottle caps beding. This gift is also compact and portable, and it opens faster than any other bottle opener.

More than a few have shipped defective.


Details: For guys who need a quick, easy way to open their beer bottles, it doesn't get better than this! It's as simple as placing the opener on top of the bottle, pressing down, and tilting to remove the bottle cap. The magnetic base of the opener will grip the metallic top, allowing you to grab and toss it in the trash—no mess left!

It's designed to handle any type of bottle, and you'll find that it's a cute, fun gadget for him to have handy next time the guys come over for a drink.

Price: At $10, this is the perfect gift for the boyfriend who loves his beer. It's only slightly pricier than a regular bottle opener, but it's sure to impress his guy friends.


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